120+ Critical Must-Do Recommendations to be Recovery Ready to Reopen, Restart and Rebuild

People are Not Going Back to Work Until it is Safe and “Do No Harm or Be Harmed”

Cushman & Wakefield issue a major report on Recovery Readiness, you can get via the image below:

We also recommend you consider adding guidance on many IT/telecom, fire, HVAC, burglary, crime, intrusion and many other areas. In consultation with leading industry experts and practitioners, here are some 20+ additional professional recommendations for your consideration which if not consider put people at serious risk:

– Review and evaluate all communications equipment rooms – air quality, security access, lighting, air handling and operations

– Review roof top technology installations as well as those services entering the building in the basement.

– Review and evaluate all conduit – electrical, telecom, internet, wireless, WiFi, RFID, security, battery-backup and generator systems

– Review and evaluate all MDF-main distribution frames including telecom and power distribution outlets

– Review all infrastructure in relation to ANSI and BISCI.org standards

– Review and evaluate all fiber optic cable and all forms of CAT3-5-6E twisted pair cabling

– Review and evaluate all POE-power over ethernet uses and AP-access point electrical power cabling and co-located CAT-6E wiring including patch-cord installation procedures, test equipment and installation/removal equipment (such as budsets, punchdown, etc)

– Review all HVAC wiring for thermostat control systems

– Review Fire and Security wiring systems for door, hand-pull locations

– Review burglary, intrusion and special security systems along with wiring, video as well as police and third-party security onsite and response technologies and procedures

– Add Infrared heat detection systems though not the only means to provide early detection to high temperature* persons entering the complex

– Add contact tracing technology for technology support staff movements and importantly MAC-moves, adds, changes scheduling software

– Add Contactless door security

– Add Air Doors whenever possible

– Add in Positive Air Flow (clean room) HVAC

– Add Video surveillance all entrances, hallways, outside bathrooms and other common areas

– Add Virus protection safety signs everywhere

– Redesign hallways where possible for one-way people movement

– Update or Add employee security badges

– Provide each worker with certified mask, access to PPE, thermometers(1), oximeter(2), first aid kits, emergency telephones and training on falls, injuries, seizures and crime of all kinds (3) assaults and shootings, robberies, personal and corporate theft, cybercrime (phishing, ransomware, virus, etc.)(4)  Add door hand sanitizers:

Photo credit – Pullclean.com

– Update and train employees on new rules regarding sexual harassment in the new office environment.

– Add at PC/device User Device Login information on alerts, new fire exit procedures, daily confirmation of health status and details on new safety contacts (CW report provided some guidance, the are some additional comments provided via IT access.)

– Separate carpet, bathroom, hallway, parking, coffee/cafeteria places and other places to provide means for isolation

– Depending on building add military grade CBR – chemical, biological, and radiological, conditions defense systems

– Add IT/telecom education for personnel, vehicles, equipment and options.

There are other issues being researched, however theses critical concepts should be implemented before any one goes back to work otherwise occupants are being put at risk for serious health illnesses or death.  In other words, “failure is not an option.”

Summary – this is a “work in progress” project.  If you have additional issues to be included, please email tom@pandemictechalliance.org


(1)  https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/sickest-covid-19-patients-underlying-conditions-are-common-large-study-n1189906

(2) https://www.cbs.com/shows/cbs_this_morning/video/ARKSgubLN7RG5F0_3SQKlnX9zNDJWB4y/er-doctor-shares-what-he-learned-volunteering-at-ny-hospital-during-pandemic/

(3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White-collar_crime

(4) https://www.dataconnectors.com/technews/21-terrifying-cyber-crime-statistics/

120+ Critical Must-Do Recommendations to be Recovery Ready to Reopen, Restart and Rebuild
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