Pandemic Tech Alliance

The Pandemic Tech Alliance helps advance the creation of, response to and adoption of products and services allowing the functioning of global society during current and future pandemics and disease outbreaks.

The Pandemic Tech Alliance represents companies who make solutions involved in testing, contact tracing, social distancing, health care, vaccines, treatments, smart cities, intelligent buildings, communications, telemedicine, telehealth, IoT, IIoT, infrastructure, architecture, transportation/travel, building systems (HVAC, security, IT, wireless, fire, safety, intrusion, terrorism), occupant tech, office furniture, telecommuting, videoconferencing, reless, augmented/virtual/wearable tech, collaboration, delivery services, cloud computing, personal protection tech, cybersecurity and more.

Join the Global Pandemic Tech Alliance to:

  1. Boost your company image and presence: Become known as a thought leader in the most important issue affecting humanity this century. 
  2. Network and exchange ideas with technology experts, thought leaders and peers looking to solve pandemic-related issues. 
  3. Gain access to the companies needed to build a global ecosystem of complete solutions. 
  4. Help foster interoperable and standards-based solutions. 
  5. Educate, influence and create demand for Pandemic Tech related products and solutions. 
  6. Learn where the market is going and get ideas on how to participate. 
  7. Influence regulatory agencies and lawmaker policies. 
  8. Get exclusive access to educational materials, webinars, strategy guidance, whitepapers and other thought leadership needed to stay on the forefront in this crucial area. 
  9. Access networking and industry events (online or in person). 
  10. Drive industry best practices
  11. Receive special benefits on a variety of Pandemic Tech Alliance related marketing solutions from webinars to live events and advertising. 
  12. Participate in an inclusive process to define industry positions. 
  13. Career and professional development.
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