Membership Overview

Pandemic Tech Alliance

Membership Overview

Membership in the Pandemic Tech Alliance is made up of individuals and companies who want to contribute to the development of global Pandemic Tech solutions, interoperability as needed and to foster deployment of these solutions. Click on image to Join or email

New Benefits for Founding and Sustaining Members here.

Founding Members

Founders are always critical to creating permanent and long-lasting innovation with business and industry leadership. To that end, there is a special Founding Member class available to a limited number of companies. Founders are placed immediately on the Board of Directors for the first year along special thought leadership advisory, voting and special privileges available with weekly communications with the Executive Director and other special colleagues. This fee is $30,000 for 10 select companies for the first year and renewed at Sustaining or Voting member levels thereafter. This offer is limited and will be removed once the available membership slots are filled. Founders will also be recognized on the membership roles for a lifetime. Contact the Executive Director who will assist you to obtain any additional information required to complete the application and to confirm your eligibility. In addition, Founding Members receive all the benefits of voting members.

Sustaining Members

This special class of membership recognizes those business and industry leaders who see the “long game” in building the next generation global society. This select membership also is involved in receiving and providing thought leadership to the alliance in profound and recognized ways. With monthly connections and networking with the Executive Director and other industry leaders, Sustaining Members can be elected to the Board of Directors after Founders terms expire. This special membership class is available for $20,000 for the first year or $30,000 for the first two years. Contact the Executive Director who will assist you to obtain any additional information required to complete the application and to confirm your eligibility. 

In addition, Sustaining Members receive all the benefits of voting members.

Voting Members

Full membership is open to companies and organizations. Full Members are eligible for additional benefits beyond those provided to Participant Members including voting on the Board of Directors, By Laws, press release mentions, speaking opportunities and more. This member ship class costs $10,000 annually. 

We encourage all interested organizations: Medical, technology, Biotech, Teleworking, Cybersecurity, etc. as well as PT startups to become Full (Corporate) Members of the PT Alliance – any of the above levels. IT is through the participation of Full Members that we are able to move forward the agenda and mission of the Alliance. 

Contact the Executive Director will assist you to obtain any additional information required to complete the application and to confirm your eligibility. 

Observers & Media Members

Participant membership is open to individuals and is free. To maintain membership, Participant Members are required only to contribute to the work being done in the Alliance. Individuals seeking to join the PT Alliance may do so by registering on this site.

Academic/Institutional/Student Membership

Though we have a commercial orientation, the PT Alliance encourages academic, research and relevant and approved non-profit institutions to become Alliance Members, and to participate, and in some cases lead, the mission, goals and agenda of the PT Alliance. 

Only with participation from “non-commercial” institutions can we ensure technical excellence in the findings, decisions, and publications of the PT Alliance. While our Academic/Institutional Membership category is designed for institutions as a whole, individuals within the academic and research community are invited and encouraged to become Participant members, since this level of membership is also free. 

Interested academic, research and other institutions can apply for Academic/Institutional Membership by simply downloading, completing, and submitting the Academic/Institutional Membership Application.

The following table provides a comparison of benefits between various membership levels:


Member Benefits Founding Member Sustaining Member Full Member Academic Participant
Recognized on The Membership Roles For A Lifetime x
Weekly Communications with The Executive Director x
Weekly Communications with Special Colleagues x
Voting and Special Privileges x
Thought Leadership Advisory x
Exclusive: Membership limited to ~10 x
Immediate BoD Placement x
BoD Priority x x
Monthly Communications with The Executive Director x
Monthly Communications with Special Colleagues x
Candidate for BoD seats Always eligible Always eligible Always eligible As Individual Participant Members: Only 4 can be on the board at any time Only 4 Participant Members can be on the board at any time
Vote in BoD Elections × × ×
Vote on By Laws items in General Meeting × × ×
Mention in PT Alliance Press Releases × × ×
Receive invitations to speaking opportunities at industry events × × ×
Receive editorial opportunities in industry publications × × ×
Use PT Alliance licensed trademarks × × ×
Exclusive Discount for Participation in Certification Programs × × ×
Exclusive Event Sponsorship and Attendee Pass Discounts × × ×
Access to Full Members Mailing list × × ×
Attend Meetings and Events × × ×
Access toAll-Members Mailing list × × × × ×
Access toTask Group Mailing lists × × × × ×
Propose Work Items and Working/Task Groups × × ×
Input to Requirements Documents × × ×
Attend Task Group Meetings × × × × ×
Contribute IP to Recommendations × × × × ×
Vote on Recommendation(s) and Document Approvals × × × × ×
Input to Continuing Recommendation Evolution × × × × ×
Pre-Release Access to Recommendations × × × × ×
Obtain Approved Recommendations × × × × ×
Annual Dues $30,000* $20,000* $10,000 Free Free
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