PT Alliance Mission Statement

The Pandemic Tech Alliance (PTA) mission is to advance the creation of and adoption of products and services which allow society to function during current pandemics and prepare for future pandemics and diseases. We serve a global community of organizations looking to help society manage the impact of pandemics and continue to function in a healthy, secure and productive manner. The primary goals of the Pandemic Tech Alliance are to foster the development of pandemic related solutions which include research, protection from pandemics, patient care and future of pandemic innovations, solutions and strategy for business, career, school, community, society, leisure, travel, food, etc.

We will further focus on privacy initiatives to the extent they are helpful in making the public and government agencies comfortable with technologies such as contact tracing, drone surveillance and others which benefit society but also cause privacy concerns.

The Alliance will foster partnerships, interoperability and adherence to standardization efforts while providing educational resources and a platform for productive communication among industry participants.

A primary goal of the Pandemic Tech Alliance is to foster adoption of the technologies, products and solutions created by the PT community.

The Global World Product (GWP), the combined gross national income of all the countries in the world is estimated to be between $80 -$128 trillion. Much of this is at risk until the current Covid-19 and the next pandemics coming are dealt with in a manner where people are not only allowed to work by their governments but feel safe working and resuming their pre-Covid-19 activities such as travel and participating in gatherings.

The job of the Pandemic Tech Alliance is to help foster development of technology which helps get the world through this challenging period. Also, it will educate the public and lawmakers that the PT Alliance is vitally important to protecting local jobs, industries, economy and ultimately, GWP.

 To accomplish its mission, the Pandemic Tech Alliance:

  • Advances product development and cooperation to foster the faster development of solutions.
  • Advances product interoperability via online and live test events/initiatives and by defining and creating operational compliance tests.
  • Develops industry-wide technical recommendations and best-practice implementation guides.
  • Hosts both online and live conferences and trade shows focusing on the technical issues of deploying PT based services and technology.
  • Participates in various PT policy and technology initiatives.
  • Creates white papers and other documents that cover essential aspects of developing and deploying PT related technology, products and services.
  • Conducts educational seminars and other events, and author articles and editorials published in industry magazines and journals to build awareness how existing and emerging PT-compliant technologies will benefit users and customers.
  • Maintains a growing, global community of PT industry professionals involved in all industry segments such as real estate, insurance, medical, telecommuting, teleworking, cybersecurity, education, legal, financial, transportation, non-profits, municipal, Federal/State, military and others.
  • Places guest speakers and industry experts as panelists at leading conferences and seminars.
  • Seeks media opportunities for Pandemic Tech Alliance Members to appear and share expertise on news programs, podcasts, articles, and feature editorial.

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